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Four Seasons Glow N Dark Lubricants


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 Four Seasons Glow N Dark Lubricant

For An Enlightening Experience
Four Seasons Personal Lubricant is an ideal lubrication supplement. A clear light gel that looks and feels like your own natural lubrication.

Four Seasons Water Based Lubricant is a clear cool, natural feeling gel that increases sensitivity for both you and your partner.

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by Christina Dohm, Monday 21 May, 2007
My husband and I took a trip to Australia about a month ago and before we left our sex life was not the best because I had a lot of pain and no lubricants I was using helped me. Well because I wanted it to be good again we said we would have sex EVERYNIGHT why on this trip (it was a 2 week trip). Well I needed to buy some lubricant so I got this stuff. OMG I LOVE IT!!! Sex has not hurt since I've started using it. Of course the down side is that I cant get it here in the states so I have to come here and order more. We have had a great sex live since we got back home because of this stuff. I LOVE IT!!!!
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