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Step into the world of Frenchie Condoms – a harmonious blend of Australian ingenuity and French sophistication. Designed for a new generation of passionate souls who share the belief that intimacy should be joyful, authentic, and safe. Frenchie creates products with diversity and inclusivity in mind. 


Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark. The Beret Condoms easy-open buttercup enclosure ensures you open the condom the right way up, every time. Crafted without synthetic ingredients, Frenchie Beret Condoms are vegan and natural. A testament to purity, keeping you, the planet, and your well-being in mind. At 0.05mm, the ultra-thin design allows you to get closer than ever while maintaining uncompromised protection. There are two types of condom, The Beret Condom 0.05 and the The Beret Condom 0.05 with Hyaluronic Acid.


What are you waiting for? Experience the union of passion, pleasure, and care with Frenchie Condoms today!


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4 of 4 Items

Why Choose Frenchie Condoms?

Elegance and Responsibility: Frenchie embraces the essence of the quintessential French "je ne sais quoi" while championing the importance of ethical intimacy. All condoms are designed to align with your beliefs and desires, ensuring that sex is as enjoyable as it is safe.


Good Sex, Good Health: Frenchie is dedicated to the idea that good sex should also be good for your well-being. All products are meticulously crafted to enhance your intimate moments while also considering your body's needs and our planet's health.


Vegan & Sustainable: Frenchie stands proud as a beacon of sustainability. All condoms are meticulously crafted from vegan, non-toxic, and natural materials, championing a better future for both you and the environment.


 Ethically Sourced: Beyond pleasure, we value ethics. Frenchie condoms are a result of responsible sourcing and manufacturing, echoing our commitment to a better world.


Frenchie Condoms invites you to experience a new era of intimacy, where elegance meets ethical choices. Choose Frenchie for a path of passionate pleasure that honors both your desires and the world around you. Discover the world of Frenchie today and redefine your intimate experiences!

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