Massage Oil and Gels

Condoms Australia provides more than just condoms, if you’re looking for adult products at great prices to ignite the flames of passion and add a touch of excitement to your love life, look no further. We have a huge range of massage oils and gels so that you can add a little something extra to your next experience with your partner. Massage oils and massage gels are great way to get a little more intimate and break the mould of what may be fast becoming a routine.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a heartfelt proper massage using special massage oils and massage gels. It’ll get them in the mood and evoke some pleasurable feelings of relaxation and intimacy. Our massage oils and massage gels come from a wide range of brands so you’ll never be short on choice at Condoms Australia.


Massage oils and gels are great for foreplay, warming, lubrication & relaxation – there’s always a way to get a little more out of your next experience. Browse through the range and get yours today!

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12 of 50 Items

Why Choose Massage Oils and Gels?


Unveil New Depths of Intimacy: Break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Our massage oils and gels offer an intimate pathway to deeper connections, helping you escape the routine and explore the uncharted territories of pleasure.


Express Love with Sensual Touch: A heartfelt massage using our special oils and gels is a language of love. Evoking relaxation and intimacy, it's the perfect way to convey your affection and set the mood for unforgettable moments.


Diverse Selection: Condoms Australia brings you a wide variety of brands and options, ensuring you never run short of choices. From gentle aromas to enticing textures, our range caters to every preference.


Versatility in Pleasure: Whether you're seeking to enhance foreplay, introduce warming sensations, ensure smooth lubrication, or simply unwind in each other's embrace, our massage oils and gels are your go-to solution.


Discover the transformative power of touch with our collection of massage oils and gels. Browse through our range and open the door to a realm of sensuality and exploration. Elevate Every Touch, Ignite Every Sense – get yours today! 

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