Sensual products are a great to take a step back and give your partner a relaxing and romantic experience. Within the range of sensual products at Condoms Australia you’ll find everything from bathing gels to kama sutra kits to dusts and powders to edibles. You’ll be ready with everything you could possible need to paint and lavish attention upon the body of your choosing.

Sensual products make a great choice for nights that you want to make a little more intimate. Give your lover a day to unwind and relax and show them how much you treasure their company.

All sensual products are suitable for both men and women so everyone can enjoy the range on offer. Are you ready to infuse your relationship with romance, relaxation, and undeniable passion? Condoms Australia presents a captivating collection of sensual products, designed to bring you and your partner closer than ever before. 

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12 of 98 Items


Why choose our Sensual Products?


1. Create Lasting Memories: Sensual products are the gateway to creating cherished moments of romance and intimacy. Whether it's a soothing bath or an indulgent massage, our range is designed to provide you and your partner with a sensory experience like no other.

2. A Spectrum of Pleasures: Within our sensual products collection, you'll discover a wide array of choices, from luxurious bathing gels to tantalizing kama sutra kits, enticing dusts, powders, and even delectable edibles. With Condoms Australia, you're equipped with everything you need to lavish attention on your chosen partner's body.

3. Elevate Intimacy: Sensual products are the key to unlocking the art of intimacy. Create a sanctuary of relaxation and pleasure, where you and your lover can unwind, connect, and celebrate your profound bond.

4. Suitable for All: Our sensual products are designed to be enjoyed by both men and women, ensuring that every individual can partake in the sensual journey. It's all about celebrating each other and the art of pleasure.

5. Unveil Love and Adoration: Show your partner just how much you value their presence by offering them an oasis of tranquility and pleasure. Let the power of sensual products communicate your affection and admiration.


Choose Condoms Australia as your trusted source for sensual products and unlock a realm of passion, comfort, and togetherness. 


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