Flavoured Condoms

Looking to spice up your love life? Look no further than our selection of colored and flavored condoms. Choose from a range of flavors including strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, wildberry, and vanilla, among others. Whether you're looking for a 12-pack or a bulk box of 144, we have you covered. Don't be afraid to experiment with different flavors and colors to find the perfect fit for you and your partner. Shop our selection today and add a little extra excitement to your intimate experiences!

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12 of 28 Items

What Do Flavoured Condoms Do?


Flavored condoms are a type of condom that is designed to add a pleasant taste to oral sex by incorporating a flavored coating or lubricant on the outside of the condom. The flavoring is intended to enhance the experience and make oral sex more enjoyable for both partners. It's important to note that flavored condoms should not be used for vaginal or anal intercourse, as they are not designed to provide the same level of protection as regular, non-flavored condoms. It is recommended that individuals consult with a healthcare professional if they have any concerns about using flavored condoms or any other form of sexual protection.


Do Flavoured condoms Taste Good?


the taste of flavored condoms can vary depending on the brand and the specific flavor. Some people may find the taste to be pleasant and enjoyable, while others may not like the taste or find it too artificial. It's important to note that the primary purpose of a flavored condom is to add a taste to oral sex, rather than provide a strong flavor experience. If you are unsure about the taste of flavored condoms, you may want to try a few different brands or flavors to find one that you like. Alternatively, you could consider using a flavored lubricant to enhance the experience.

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