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SKYN Large size condoms and the condoms below are designed for men who need a larger-sized condom, the SKYN Large Condoms  is made polyisoprene material that is thinner, softer, and more flexible than latex, they provide maximum sensitivity and pleasure. SKYN Large condoms are free from natural rubber latex, making them a great choice for people with latex allergies or sensitivities. We also have a large range of larger latex condom all are designed to provide a more comfortable fit for individuals with larger penises


Ok! important reasons why you should not be wearing a larger condom 

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12 of 32 Items

5 important reasons why not to wear a larger condom


1. It can slip off: If the condom is too big for you, it may slip off during sex, which can increase the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Nobody wants to be dealing with that mess, so make sure to get the right size!

2. It can be uncomfortable: Just like shoes that are too big can cause blisters, a condom that is too big can cause discomfort during sex. Nobody wants to be distracted by discomfort when they're trying to enjoy themselves.

3. It can be embarrassing: Imagine the awkwardness of having a condom fall off or slip during sex! It's not the sort of thing you want to happen, especially if you're with a new partner.

4. It can ruin the moment: If you're worried about the condom slipping off or not fitting properly, it can be hard to relax and enjoy the moment. Nobody wants to be distracted by worries during sex, so make sure you have the right size condom for you.

5. It can be dangerous: Wearing a larger condom than necessary can be dangerous because it can lead to increased friction, which can cause the condom to break. This puts you and your partner at risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy. So, make sure to choose the right size condom to keep you both safe and happy.

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