Paris Olympics to Offfer Free Condoms to Athletes

Paris Olympics to Offfer Free Condoms to Athletes

CA Staff on 15th May 2024

In a move signalling a shift in approach, the Paris Olympics have announced the lifting of the intimacy ban for the 2024 Games. With 300,000 condoms set to be distributed to the 14,250 athletes in the Olympic Village, the focus is now on promoting conviviality and well-being among participants.

Olympic Village director Laurent Michaud emphasised the importance of fostering a sense of conviviality among athletes. By lifting the intimacy ban, the Paris Olympics are prioritising human connection and camaraderie, recognizing the social aspect of the Games.

While the intimacy ban was a precautionary measure during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Paris Games are embracing a return to tradition. Since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the distribution of condoms has been a symbolic gesture to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, promoting safe and responsible behaviour among athletes.

The decision to distribute 300,000 condoms reflects a commitment to the sexual health and well-being of athletes. By providing access to contraceptives, the Paris Olympics are empowering athletes to make informed choices and prioritise their health, both on and off the field.

As the Paris Olympics prepare to welcome athletes from around the world, the lifting of the intimacy ban and the distribution of 300,000 condoms mark a significant departure from previous Games. By embracing conviviality and prioritising athlete well-being, the Paris Olympics are setting a new standard for inclusivity and support within the sporting community.

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