Doxy Die Cast Pineapple Powerful Wand Massager

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  • The Doxy Die Cast is a luxurious version of the most popular wand massager in the market.

    The Doxy Die Cast Pineapple is a unique and luxurious version of the classic Doxy Wand Massager, featuring a limited edition pineapple design on the sleek aluminum body. It is a powerful and versatile vibrator designed for external and internal stimulation, suitable for both solo and partnered play.

    This beautiful plug-in wand is cast in an aluminium and titanium alloy and equipped with the same powerful motor as the original Doxy Massager, providing a variable speed that goes from 3000 rpm up to 9000 rpm and deep rumbly vibrations, not just buzzing, which makes Doxy one of the strongest and more powerful wands currently available.

    Doxy is easy to use with its 3 buttons system. Use the power button to turn on and off and to switch between pulse and steady vibration mode, the + and buttons will increase and decrease speeds or cycle through the different patterns.

    This heavier wand comes with a high-quality silicone head, free from latex or phthalates and with its big size will make sure that every area you have in mind is stimulated, whether it's used for muscle massage or intimate areas, no place will be left without stimulation. The Doxy head is also a standard wand measure which makes it compatible with all standard size wand attachments. It also comes with a 3 meter long cable so you don't feel restricted to be near a power point to play and since it works with different voltages around the world is perfect for traveling.

    This wand massager also features a 3-meter long power cord for uninterrupted power supply, and it's compatible with different plug types, making it ideal for travel. It's also easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its waterproof design.

    Product Features:

    • Super powerful vibrations of 9000 rpm
    • Power type: Plug-in with a 3.6 meters cord
    • Material body: Aluminium/titanium alloy
    • Material head: Body-safe silicone
    • Size of the wand: 34 cm / 13 inches long, including the head
    • Head size: 19 cm / 7.5 inches to fit all standard sized wand attachments
    • Weight: 830 grams (680 grams not including the plug)

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